The Benefits of Using Flower Essences

Have you ever heard of using flower remedies/essences to help restore the balance between the mind and body?

Probably not. From the research that I’ve done, the use seems to be a bit more commonplace in other countries rather than here in the United States. But you may have heard of Rescue Remedy which has been touted by the likes of Dr. Oz, Martha Stewart, and Emma Watson.

Rescue Remedy was developed by Dr. Edward Bach, an English doctor living at the turn of the century who developed an interest in homeopathy and flower remedies. It includes a mixture of flower essences that are ingested to help us relax and become focused.

Dr. Bach believed that disease was an end product, the physical manifestation of unhappiness, fear, worry, etc. He turned to nature to find healing flowers and began to infuse the wild flowers in spring water (preserving the mixture with brandy or glycerin). Dr. Bach felt that the vibrational nature of the flower would be transmitted to the user and that each flower has its own separate, and beneficial, characteristics.

I first discovered Rescue Remedy when I was looking for natural solutions to calm my highly anxious dog. Since then I’ve branched out into making my own personal blends using individual essences to suit my needs.

My favorite blend is one that I created to help improve my sleep.

It contains:

  • Agrimony – Agrimony is for those who let anxiety and worry get to them.

  • Oak – Oak is a good essence for those who feel over-work or those that tend to focus on their work when they are trying to get to sleep.

  • White Chestnut – Dr. Bach said that white chestnut is for “those who cannot prevent thoughts, ideas, arguments which they do not desire from entering their minds”.

Other common blends include ones to help with feelings of anxiety or when things just don’t seem right. This can be due to feelings of low self-worth (due to maybe a breakup or something), a lack of ambition, or indecision. To get the real benefit of flower essences, you have to introduce them into your day-to-day routine.

Flower essences are not essential oils. I personally like to use both (in varying ways) in my life. Flower essences are more subtle and gentle, with no scent and you can use them as much as you need to. They can either be added to a glass of water (or other beverage) or a few drops placed directly under the tongue.

Emily Elliott