I can do what with my placenta? 

Ever heard of placenta encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation has been used to alleviate anxiety and fatigue and replace lost iron and nutrients in postpartum women. It’s basically crushing up your dehydrated placenta and putting it in capsules that you can ingest. I also do placenta prints, tinctures and salves by request.

First and foremost, cleanliness is the most important thing for me.

Everything that I use is either disposable, glass, or stainless steal. The most time consuming part of the process is really just thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the work space.

I have a dedicated work space in my home for placenta encapsulation that is smoke-free, kid-free, and pet-free. I offer this as an alternative for those families that really need the peace and quiet upon arriving home after giving birth. this space has been inspected by the state for food processing.

Typically, my clients request that I encapsulate within their home - that way the chain of custody is always maintained. You are always in possession of your placenta, and your placenta is only exposed to your own environment with no risk of cross-contamination with another client's placenta. That way you know that what you are getting is yours.

It takes about two hours on two consecutive days to encapsulate the placenta. On the first day, I clean, drain, steam, and place your placenta in thin strips into our professional grade dehydrator. I use fresh lemon and ginger to steam with your placenta (in the traditional Chinese Method) however, if you don't want that, then I can remove them. Some people prefer to have their placenta dehydrated raw, but I always recommend steaming first as it is easier on the stomach. It’s also on this same day that I can start the process of creating you a tincture with your placenta or a placenta print as a memento.

Your placenta remains in my dehydrator in your home overnight.

The second day, I clean/sanitize again, and grind the dried placenta into a fine powder. Then I place the powder in capsules. I have several varieties of capsules available, ranging from lightly flavored (easier to swallow) to vegan capsules. I personally prefer the vegan capsules (made of pure cellulose from pine and poplar trees) instead of gelatin based. I use the smallest size of capsule available so that they are easy to swallow.

I always like to do something with the cord if I can - like make it into a little heart shaped keepsake or something. Just because it's cool.

About two weeks before your "due" date, I'll drop off a cooler transport kit for you. I'm not allowed to leave the hospital with your placenta so this will make it easier for you. The kit has extra bags, ice pack, gloves, towel, just things that will make it easier for you.

After you give birth, contact me and I can meet someone with someone (either at your house or outside of the hospital) and get things going as soon as possible. If I’m encapsulating in my own home, I’m often able to return your capsules to you before you’ve even left the hospital!